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11 months ago
Safe Passage

"Rather than any more political posturing from Ministers, why not now bring together all those who are actually working on the ground, humanely and compassionately with those in Northern France ... See more

12 months ago
Safe Passage

The government know they are being backed into a corner on this issue. We hope they see today’s result not as a defeat, but as an opportunity to fulfil its promise of ensuring that child refugees ... See more

1 year ago
Write to your MP and protect safe routes for child refugees

I have just written to our Stafford MP following up a meeting that Ann, Tony and I had with her on July 17th where she said she sympathised with this cause. I think it would help if more people write ... See more

I'm writing to my MP to save refugee family reunion before the door closes on December 31st. Join me and contact yours as well. #refugeeswelcome

1 year ago
Safe Passage

317 votes to 223 ??

Commons to make sure Boris Johnson and Priti Patel have got the message that they must protect refugee family reunion

? ? ? It passed! ? ? ?

317 votes to 223.

Thanks to the thousands of supporters who wrote to Peers to help make this happen. Next stop - back to the Commons to make sure Boris Johnson and Priti ... See more

1 year ago
Patel considered asylum centre on Atlantic island

The government has considered building an asylum processing centre on a UK territory in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Financial Times says Ascension Island, more than 4,000 miles (6,000km) from the UK, ... See more

The idea of "offshoring" people claiming asylum is dependent on a suitable location, a source said.